High Power Amplifiers

Source: API Technologies Corp

High Power Amplifiers

High Power Amplifiers by api technologies are ideal for a wide variety of applications and solutions. These include broadband jamming, satellite links, test equipment, military communications, electronic warfare, transmitters, digital control, PA modules with integrated PSU, pulsed radar, and transmitters.

Some of the most notable features of api technologies High Power Amplifiers include GaN based driver designs, built-in user control interfaces, linear and non-linear simulation, built-in monitoring, 3-D modeling, and thermal simulation.

api technologies specializes in the design of power amplifiers using GaN transistor technology in both packaged and bare die forms. Their engineers are well versed at integration is harmonic filtering, integrated switches, filters and splitters, and filtered Pas with distribution networks.

Additional Core Competencies:

  • Nonlinear RF simulation capability of the GaN die proposed for Power Amplifier.
  • Detailed theoretical thermal analysis and measurement correlation capability of actual performance.
  • Extensive handling and mounting expertise with very large geometry transistor die.
  • Void free die attach process for uniform coverage and optimum thermal performance.
  • In-house fabrication capability of thin film substrates on a variety of dielectric constant materials.
  • Manufacturing waveguide combined Satellite Communication Power Amplifiers up to EHF frequencies.
  • Chip & wire (hybrid) technology
  • Braised waveguide splitter/combiner structures.