High Performance Push-Pull Connectors: Core Series

Source: Fischer Connectors

High Performance Push-Pull Connectors: Core Series

For medical applications that call for push-pull type connector, Fischer’s Core series can provide an ideal solution. They’re available I any size and any configuration and are comprised of premium materials to withstand most sterilization methods.

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When used in medical electronic equipment, diagnostic devices, surgical instrumentation, dental equipment, cardiac assist devices, or even disposable medical devices, Core Series connectors are lightweight, easy to handle, made with FDA-approved materials, manufactured in an ISO 13485 certified manufacturing facility, equipped with safe locking systems for added security, watertight sealed up to IP68 standards, and benefit from EMI/RFI shielding to ensure reliable data transmission. To learn more about the Core Series of push-pull connectors and the wide range of applications they can be used in, download the catalog.

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