Newsletter | January 25, 2023

01.25.23 -- High Performance, High Power Filter Options

Cavity Filters: High Performance Under High Power

A cavity resonator is designed so that a space, or cavity, is enclosed by a metallic conducting surface, like a metal box. Inside the metal box, the electromagnetic waves reflect between the cavity walls.

High Q Capacitors For RF Power

High Q multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) are designed and tested to overcome the challenges of developing high-frequency devices that require minimal power loss.

Understanding The Basics Of Ceramic Coaxial Resonator Filters

A resonator is an essential component for constructing a bandpass filter since the resonator is what will allow specified frequencies, or bands of frequencies, to pass through the filter. 

Lumped Element Filters: Compact, Low-Frequency Filtering Options

Lumped element filters offer small size at low frequencies that are not achievable with common ceramic, cavity, or waveguide implementations. These filter designs can be developed for a wide variety of high-performance low-frequency filtering options. 

RF Filters Catalog: One Stop For All Your Microwave And Filtering Needs

The Knowles Precision Devices DLI brand of technologies now offers a complete range of RF and microwave filtering solutions including custom ceramic filters, resonators, diplexers, and more.

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