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06.14.22 -- High IF Sampling Puts Wideband SDR Within Reach

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High IF Sampling Puts Wideband SDR Within Reach

Multiband radar and electronic warfare (EW) applications put a high value on wideband, high dynamic range, agile spectral monitoring. Increasingly higher sample rate data converters are allowing architecture changes to the radio front end that shrink size, weight, power, and cost (SWaP-C), maintain performance, and evolve toward software programmable common hardware. 

Transient EM/Circuit Co-Simulation In XFdtd: A Closer Look At TVS Diodes For ESD Protection

This paper introduces XFdtd’s transient EM/circuit co-simulation capability, which combines the strength of 3D full-wave electromagnetic simulation with the flexibility of circuit solvers.

Surface-Mount Vs. Through-Hole Technology

There are two main mounting schemes for placing components on a printed circuit board (PCB): through-hole technology (THT) and surface-mount technology (SMT). Given its popularity over the last few decades, it’s no surprise that designers default to SMT, but there are advantages to both schemes that are worth exploring, especially for high-reliability application designs.

Signal Source Level Calibration Using The FSMR3000

The R&S FSMR3000 is a three-in-one instrument incorporating a measurement receiver, a spectrum and signal analyzer, and a phase noise analyzer. This application note demonstrates the use of the measurement receiver to calibrate the signal output level of a signal generator.

Practical Overview Of Antenna Parameters

There are a variety of standardized methods for describing antenna parameters, and this article aims to provide an overview of key antenna parameters and relevant background.

Advantages Of Pan-Type Shielding Vs. Wood Core Panels

Sensitive and accurate measurements are often affected by RF noise (EMI) due to the increase of environmental electromagnetic pollution. Because of this, locations such as communication and data centers, calibration and EMC test facilities, and antenna test ranges for telecom and military systems all require electromagnetic shielding.

An Automated Software Suite For Determining Electrical Characteristics

A suite of software has been created that allows very fast automated analysis of some types of traveling wave tubes. This white paper delves into the design and use of this software for determining the electrical characteristics of traveling wave tubes.

Testing With Mismatch Terminations

Mismatch loads can be used to test amplifiers and help characterize their performance under conditions that might occur in the field. To do so, a mismatch load (or mismatch termination) is used to present a specified VSWR, rather than the usual 1:1 perfect 50-ohm load.

Talking MOSA At The TSOA-ID

TSOA-ID was a success with prominent companies joining representative commands from multiple branches of the U.S. armed forces to demonstrate the latest open architecture advancements that promote interoperability, cost savings, and sustainment. 

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Rohde & Schwarz And MITRE Technologies Training Seminar

Join Rohde & Schwarz on June 15 for an afternoon seminar session at the AOC Space Conference 2022: Space and Cyber Capabilities to Address Emerging Challenges at MITRE’s Bedford, MA, campus.

Video: Optimizing The Performance Of Directed Energy Weapons With Noise Sources

Directed energy weapons (DEW) bring significant advantages to traditional weaponry, but the high optical power required for an effective DEW drives a potentially destructive return loss and reflection that can damage laser sources. Use of a noise source embedded in the weapon’s electronics can spread laser coherence, minimize reflection, protect the laser source, and ultimately improve DEW reliability and performance.

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Qorvo Broadband Access, CATV, & FTTH Product Selection Guide

Qorvo offers leading technology and comprehensive product solutions for demanding hybrid fiber coaxial and broadband applications. 

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Holzworth Heterodyne Downconversion System: HA7063A

The HA7063A is a heterodyne downconversion system that is designed to seamlessly integrate with Holzworth's real-time phase noise analysis products as an ANSI z540 calibrated frequency extension.

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Wireless Telecom Group
Timing Solutions Product Selector Guide

Skyworks offers a broad portfolio of timing products that enable hardware designers to simplify clock generation, clock distribution, jitter attenuation, and network synchronization. These products combine best-in-class jitter performance and frequency flexibility, enabling customers to easily architect optimized clock tree solutions. 

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Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
MIL STD 1553 Data Diode: VEGAS-S

NuWaves offers the VEGAS-S data diode created to allow the isolation of the main MIL-STD-1553 avionics bus from bus monitors or systems under test for enhanced safety of flight. The control of the data flow over the MIL-STD-1553 bus provides true risk reduction to the aircraft’s avionics bus for early software upgrades to existing bus monitoring systems, along with reducing the risk to the aircraft’s avionics bus for early bus monitor integration.

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NuWaves Engineering
Automatic Band-Switching RF Booster Amplifier For Tactical Radio: AR-20H

AR Modular RF offers the AR-20H portable, fully automatic band-switching RF booster amplifier with remote keyline for multi-band VHF/UHF tactical radio equipment with legacy, proprietary, and emerging waveforms. Producing 20 watts from a nominal 2 watts CW/PEP radio input, the amplifier covers the frequency band of 30 – 512 MHz.

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AR Modular RF
Directional Coupler: 264030
Krytar's directional coupler model 264030 enhances the selection of multipurpose stripline designs that exhibit excellent coupling over the Ka-band frequency range of 26.5 to 40.0 GHz in a single, compact, and lightweight package.
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