High Frequency Microwave Amplifier: BXHF1084

Source: API Technologies Corp

High Frequency Microwave Amplifier: BXHF1084

API Technologies’ BXHF1084 is a high frequency microwave amplifier ideal for VSAT, SATCON, point-to-point, multi-point, radar, and communications applications. It covers the 2-20 GHz frequency range and features 26dB gain (typical), an internal voltage regulator, and laser welded housing for environmental protection.

This series has been designed to fill an industry need for a line of rugged and high performance amplifiers for use in high frequency applications. Its aforementioned internal voltage regulator allows for the utilization of a wide range of available power supplies and an overall compact size, minimizing volume for design flexibility in next-level assembly.

For additional information on the BXHF1084 high frequency microwave amplifier’s features and specifications, download the datasheet.