High-Efficiency Microwave Power Module: PTX8501

Source: TMD Technologies

High-Efficiency Microwave Power Module: PTX8501

TMD Technologies offers the new PTX8501 microwave power module (MPM) integrating a Travelling Wave Tube (TWT) with an optimized high-density switch-mode power supply to produce a single "drop-in" microwave amplifier block solution. The MPM has many advanced features including a high-efficiency design for reduced power consumption, no TWT interconnections, and reduced logistics management.

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The PTX8501 can be configured to incorporate a variety of TWT models allowing the user to specify duty and peak power parameters. The MPM features excellent thermal management, high electrical efficiency, requires minimum cooling, and offers high reliability over a wide temperature range. A fully encapsulated high voltage section enables operation at high altitudes and high humidity environments. The base unit will operate with duty cycles up to 10% and peak powers of up to 1 kW with a full 1 GHz bandwidth – at more than 50% efficiency improvement over the previous model.

For additional features and specifications on the PTX8501, download the datasheet.

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