News | February 11, 2009

Greenray Launches High Frequency TCXO For Wireless And Mobile Applications

Source: Greenray Industries, Inc.

Greenray Industries, Inc. has introduced the T121 Series temperature-compensated crystal oscillator. The T121 TCXO has been designed to serve as a super-stable frequency reference in high shock and high vibration environments.

The T121 Series TCXO, available from 50 to 100MHz, provides extremely stable sinewave output and temperature stability to ±0.5ppm over -40 to +85°C. The T121 measures 0.68 x 0.68 x 0.200" and features vibration sensitivity of 7 x 10-10/g or better.

The T121 Series' combination of a compact, rugged package, tight stability and high frequency availability make it ideally suited for use in high shock/high vibration environments, including mobile and airborne applications. Detailed information about the T121 Series TCXO is available at .

Greenray Industries, a market leader in precision, high reliability TCXOs, designs and manufactures high precision, quartz-based oscillators for use in wireless, wired telephony, aerospace, military, satellite, GPS and communications applications.

SOURCE: Greenray Industries, Inc.