2 – 45 GHz Low Noise Amplifier: ERZ-LNA-0200-4500-15-4

Source: ERZIA

2 – 45 GHz Low Noise Amplifier: ERZ-LNA-0200-4500-15-4

ERZIA offers the new ERZ-LNA-0200-4500-15-4 low noise amplifier that operates in the 2 to 45 GHz frequency range for industrial, SATCOM, space, military, aerospace, and wireless infrastructure applications. This amplifier features an output power of up to 20 dBm, a gain of more than 12 dB, and a noise figure below 8 dB.

The ERZ-LNA-0200-4500-15-4 consumes 1.2 W of power and requires a supply voltage from 9 – 15 V. The amplifier is housed in a module with 2.4 mm female connectors.

ERZ-LNA-0200-4500-15-4 features include:

  • RF connectors (I/O): 2.4 mm
  • Solder filtered pins for DC connection
  • Several mounting options
  • Gold platted compact aluminum housing
  • Hi-reliability and dedicated screening
  • Environmental tests available under request

For more information on this low noise amplifier, download the available datasheet.