0.03 - 40 GHz General Purpose Amplifier: AFB-DCKA25GP-01

Source: Ducommun Inc.

0.03 GHz General Purpose Amplifier: AFB-DCKA25GP-01

This amplifier features ultra broadband amplification, a low noise to high power ratio, and a single DC power supply/internal regulated sequential biasing. It’s especially well suited for applications involving test instrumentation, EW systems, fiber optics, and military and space.

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The AFB-DCKA25GP-01 general purpose amplifier covers the 0.03 to 40 GHz frequency range. It has a 6.0 dB noise figure (max), and 25 dB gain (min).  Additional specifications include:

  • Gain Flatness: +/- 2.5 dB (Max)
  • Output P-1dB: 20 dBm (Min)
  • VSWR: 2:1 (Typ)
  • DC Bias: +8 -12 V/0.4A (Typ)
  • I/O Connectors: K(F)
  • Outline: WT-A-2
  • Temperature Range: -40 to +70oC

For more information, download the datasheet or contact Ducommoun directly.

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