Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) Protectors For Lightning Protection And EMPs


HUBER+SUHNER’s line of gas discharge tube (GDT) technology-based protectors are generally designed as coaxial feed-through devices for 50 or 75 ohm systems and ideal for use in mobile communication systems, navigation systems, high-speed data transmission systems, radar, CATV, and video surveillance. This page provides an overview of the different products in this line and their ideal areas of use.

3401 Gas Discharge Tube Protectors

Standard versions for applications with RF and DC components on the antenna line. The standard GDT lightning/EMP protectors feature DC continuity and large bandwidth. Most HUBER+SUHNER GDT protector designs also offer excellent performance in NEMP applications. For specific applications internally DC-blocked GDT protectors are also available.

3402 Gas Discharge Tube Protectors Up To 3 GHz

Series 3402 products can be used broadband from DC to 2.5 GHz respectively up to 3 GHz for platform 3000. They are generally designed as coaxial feed-throughs which allow the customer to build up a protected area in accordance with the recommended and well-proven protection zone principle of IEC 62305. HUBER+SUHNER GDT protectors are designed such that the gas discharge tubes can be easily exchanged for new operation conditions or replaced in the case of a necessary service.

3403 Fine Protector Hybrid Technology

Fine protectors are a very special group of lightning EMP protectors which provide a very high degree of protection, especially for applications with DC powering via coaxial cable. They offer an extremely effective surge pulse reduction, which makes them suitable to protect even very sensitive microelectronic circuits, e.g. GPS timing systems for CDMA mobile communication systems.

3404 Miniature Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) Technology

Miniature gas discharge tube protectors are designed to protect against NEMP (Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse) and other electromagnetic interferences. The special design guarantees an excellent dynamic protection performance and includes a fixed integrated gas discharge tube. Miniature GDT protectors have a bulkhead feed-through design and can be easily installed instead of a standard waterproof bulkhead coaxial connector to harden existing equipment.

3406 True Broadband GDT Protectors, Slimline Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) Technology

HUBER+SUHNER 3406 slimline protectors provide surge protection for any electronic equipment connected to coaxial lines up to 6 GHz. The protectors can handle any induced surge signals but partial lightning current up to the specified current handling capability only. For higher lightning current handling refer to our gas discharge tube (GDT) protector series 3401 and 3402. Multi-carrier applications with high RF peak power and special passive intermodulation requirements are covered by series 3409.

3408 Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) Technology With Integrated High-Pass Filter

Gas discharge tube (GDT) protectors with integrated high-pass filter feature an added useful RF component to the proven standard GDT protectors. Thus, they offer a much better protection performance. The design allows a DC injection facility to be integrated as well. Gas discharge tubes can be easily exchanged for new operation conditions or replaced in the case of a necessary service.

3409 high-power/low-IM gas discharge tube (GDT) hybrid technology

Series 3409 high-power gas discharge tube (GDT) protectors are a new generation of ultimate GDT protectors – suitable to meet the demanding high RF performance and protection requirements of future mobile communications transceivers with DC powering of outdoor equipment. The protectors are especially suitable for multicarrier systems. The availability of this kind of GDT protectors concerning frequency range is not limited by the gas discharge tube.

Semper – Self-Extinguishing Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) Protector

The patented Semper concept enhances the safety and reliability of the well-known and proven gas discharge tube (GDT) protector principle impressively. It eliminates the risk of gas discharge tube "hold on" due to DC line powering or high powered RF signals, which will render the system inoperable and can destroy the discharge tube. Whereas many applications generally benefit from the enhanced safety and reliability that the Semper concept offers, applications using DC line power for remote signal amplification and processing and those using high RF power will find self-extinguishing lightning EMP protectors of specific interest.

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