Front End Module (FEM) for WiFi 802.11a/n/ac Systems: RFFM4501

Source: RFMD

Front End Module (FEM) for WiFi 802.11a/n/ac Systems: RFFM4501

This front end module (FEM) features an ultra-small form factor and is ideal for IEEE802.11a/n/ac WiFi applications, 4.9GHz to 5.85GHz ISM Band applications, applications involving portable battery powered equipment, and applications involving WiFi access points, gateways, and set top boxes.

Layout area and the number of external components are greatly reduced when this FEM is used due to its size and integrated matching. The front end solution is thus simplified by redicing the system footprint, bill of materials, and manufacturing costs.

The RFFM4501 Front End Module integrates a Power Amplifier (PA), Single Pole Double Throw switch (SPDT), LNA with bypass, and a power detector coupler for improved accuracy. The device is provided in a 3mm x 3mm x 1.0mm, 16-pin laminate package. This module meets or exceeds the RF Front End needs of IEEE 802.11a/n WiFi RF systems.