Flexible, Broadband, Magnetic Microwave Absorber: C-RAM FGMM

Source: Cuming Microwave Corporation

Flexible, Broadband, Magnetic Microwave Absorber: C-RAM FGMM

Cuming Microwave offers the C-RAM FGMM sheet material designed to absorb an average of -10 dB of incident RF energy across the 4 to 10 GHz frequency range, and over a wide range of incidence angles. This weatherproof, broadband material can withstand a wide range of temperatures and is able to conform to complex shapes.

The C-RAM FGMM absorber is easily bonded to metal surfaces, making the sheet ideal for attachment to aircraft structures, nose cones, ship masts, instrument housings, and other surfaces for the reduction of specular radar reflections. The method of application utilizes a silicone RTV adhesive which should be applied to a metal surface for proper resonant behavior.

For additional features, material properties, and instructions for applications, download the available datasheet.