Newsletter | May 5, 2022

05.05.22 -- Filter Tech For Low-Frequency Applications

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Spotlight On Passive & Control Components
Expanding Filter Technology Offerings For Low-Frequency Applications

Knowles' acquisition of IMC has allowed an expansion of offerings to serve applications operating in the lower portion of the frequency range from the VHF to the L-band.

Wi-Fi 6E Passive Components And RF Test Systems

In anticipation of the development of Wi-Fi 6E, JFW has introduced numerous new products to support testing the full range of frequencies allotted by Wi-Fi 6E.

The Power To Reduce: ADRF5740 Attenuator

The ADRF5740 does what its name suggests, it attenuates, or lowers, the strength of incoming and outgoing RF signals. The ADRF5740 is part of a complete signal chain for just about any RF or microwave circuit from 10 MHz all the way up to 60 GHz.

Industry Insights
The Importance Of Filters In Point-To-Point Microwave Cellular Backhaul Networks

To satisfy backhaul demand and maintain high data rates without holes in coverage, wireless carriers are adding large numbers of micro and pico cells to fill in the gaps in conjunction with traditional macro cells. 

Operation Of Microwave Precision Fixed Attenuator Dice Up To 40 GHz

The YAT-D-Series MMIC attenuator dice from Mini-Circuits are fixed-value, absorptive attenuators designed with low thermal resistance, very wideband operation, and nominal attenuation values of 0 to 10 dB (in 1 dB steps). 

Brochure: SATCOM/MIL-Qualified Components

KRYTAR, Inc., founded in 1975, specializes in the design and manufacturing of ultra-broadband microwave components and test equipment for both commercial and military applications. Products cover the DC to 67 GHz frequency range and are designed for a wide range of applications.

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Webinar: Mastering EVM — Optimizing To Industry Standards

Part four of Rohde & Schwarz's “Mastering EVM” webinar series looks at some of EVM performance standards' specific parameters. This webinar explores how to use EVM requirements to define test instrumentation needs while making the most of your budget.

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CPI Receiver Protector (RP) Selection Guide

CPI offers a wide range of solid-state limiters, TR limiters, pre-TR limiters, pre-TR tubes, TR tubes, ATR tubes, and multipactors. Benefits of these products include extensive high-power test capabilities, in-house environmental test facilities, and computer modeling and automatic test capabilities. This guide offers general performance characteristics of products in each frequency band and covers their many multi-function capabilities.

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NuPower Xtender: ULSC-20-C01-S01

The NuPower XtenderTM ULSC-20-C01-S01 is a small, lightweight, and power-efficient 4-port full-duplex bidirectional amplifier ideal for extending the communication range of full-duplex wideband transceivers, such as the Kratos DS-346 KestrelTWM.

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NuWaves Engineering
M8M Multiport Contacts

Times Microwave's M8M interconnection system is an addition to the high-performance M8 family of multiport interconnects. The system works up to 40 GHZ to meet the needs of high-frequency applications and is compatible with all of our M8 multiport shells to maximize existing infrastructure.

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Times Microwave Systems
70 dB W-Band Direct Reading Attenuator: STA-60-10-D8

The STA-60-10-D8 from SAGE Millimeter is a high-precision rotary vane attenuator designed for millimeter wave test set applications across the W-band frequency range (75 – 110 GHz). With a large-scale calibrated dial indicating direct values of attenuation, this instrument is ideal in waveguide systems where a broad direct reading of attenuation is required.

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Eravant (Formerly SAGE Millimeter, Inc.)
Cavity Triplexer: CMIMUX3-90DB-03A

The CMIMUX3-90DB-03A is a cavity triplexer that operates within the L-band, S-band, and C-band frequencies. The triplexer is designed in a very compact size and with a bulkhead “N” connector for easy mounting to a bulkhead.

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Corry Micronics, Inc.