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Corry Micronics offers filter plate arrays with .100" and 2mm centers

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Corry Micronics offers filter plate arrays with .100" and 2mm centers. The .100" centered filter plate arrays are available in "C" and "Pi" configurations with capacitance values from 68pF to 5000pF. The high-density filter plate arrays with lead spacing of 2mm are offered only in the "C" configuration up to 5,000pF.

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  • Reduced Cost - Cost-effective method of meeting EMC requirements.
  • Performance - Outperforms surface mount filters at frequencies above 130 MHz.
  • Standard Centers - Centers of 0.100” and 2mm allow for effortless termination.
  • Reliability - Every filter plate assembly is 100% tested for key parameters.


  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Linear power amplifiers
  • Cellular microcell repeaters
  • Cellular base stations
  • Remote sensory
  • Microwave


Filter Plate Style Lead Options Chart
Bolt-In Flat Plate FP03 Lead Options Available for FP03, FP04, FP05
2 Row Clip Plate FP06 Lead Options Available for FP06 and FP07
Single Row Clip Plate FP08 Lead Options Available for FP08, FP09, FP18, and FP19

Filter Options Chart

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