FEKO Overview

Source: Altair Engineering Inc

It’s About Simulation-Driven Design2

FEKO is an electromagnetic field solver that is based on state-of-the-art computational electromagnetics techniques. This proven software offers a full-bodied suite of tools for the analysis of various electromagnetic challenges encountered by engineers in numerous industries worldwide.

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Antenna Placement
FEKO contains Characteristic Mode Analysis capabilities which contribute immensely to HF antenna placement and pattern synthesis.

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CMA For Antenna Placements

Microstrip Antennas & Circuits
Microstrip antennas and circuits are the preferred choice over conventional antennas due to their low cost, low weight, small dimensions and volume, and a general ease of bulk fabrication. Typical applications for these devices include satellite communications, direct broadcast (DBS) system, global positioning system (GPS), biomedical, and military applications such as aircraft, missiles and radar.

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Microstrip Antennas & Circuits

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