Newsletter | September 20, 2005

9.20.05 -- Feature Article: Explosive Wi-Fi Growth Drives Market For Value-Added RF Power Amps
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New Low-Cost Power Dividers From JFW

The 50PD-559 and 50PD-560 from JFW Industries, Inc. offer superior performance at a highly competitive price. Their 800 to 2400 MHz frequency range, 5-Watt power-handling capabilities, and 20 dB minimum isolation make them perfect for a multitude of wireless application. The 2-Way configuration is just $59 and the 4-Way version is only $79 (1-99 pcs.).

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Featured Article
Explosive Wi-Fi Growth Drives Market For Value-Added RF Power Amps
By Sanjiv Shah, Director of Marketing, Fairchild Semiconductor

Wireless networking is fast becoming the medium of choice in business and consumer communications, and RF component manufacturers have moved quickly to cash in on the increased demand fueled by the growing use of 802.11-based wireless local area networks (WLANs). These networks, commercially referred to as Wi-Fi, are spreading across a broad range of applications in enterprise and home-entertainment markets, with chipset sales expected to reach $953 million in 2005, according to Strategy Analytics. This article explores some of the RF power amplifier needs of Wi-Fi system designers...

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Featured Products
Power Dividers/Combiners
I.F. Engineering Corp. offers 8- to 32-way power dividers/combiners in frequencies ranging from .5 to 1000 MHz. Consult the chart for models and specifications. Downloadable mechanical outlines available. Request more information from I.F. Engineering on their power dividers/combiners.

Coaxial 1P2T 'Latching' Relay With Self Cutoff
The RDS-2S2AB-I from RelComm Technologies is a coaxial 1P2T SMA 28 VDC latching relay that covers a frequency range of DC to 18 GHz and a temperature range of -40 to 85 degrees C. Insertion loss is 0.20 to 0.50 dB, depending on the model selected. Downloadable outline drawing and schematic available. Request more information from RelComm on its coaxial latching relays.

EM Software Interface
The Sonnet AWR Microwave Office Interface gives you seamless integration of the Sonnet Suite and Microwave Office. EM structures created within Microwave Office can be analyzed with Sonnet's planar analysis engine (em). You simply specify that Sonnet is to be used as the engine and continue to work as normal. Request a demo license from Sonnet Software.

Organic-Ceramic RF Laminate
RF-30 is an organic-ceramic laminate in the ORCER family of Taconic products. It combines the benefits of woven glass reinforced fluoropolymer chemistry with the thermal, mechanical and electrical enhancements of ceramic elements. Downloadable product datasheet available. Find out how Taconic can help with your current project.

RF Design Environment
CST DESIGN STUDIO radically speeds up the analysis and optimization of complex or highly resonating structures. Its open architecture enables the user to combine results from the best source available in one user-friendly environment. Downloadable article and video demos available. Schedule a demonstration with CST today.

External Reference PLDRO
The PLO-2000 series phase-locked dielectric resonator oscillator (PLDRO) from Microwave Dynamics utilizes state-of-the-art MIC and SMT to provide crystal stability at microwave frequencies up to 40 GHz. Downloadable product datasheet available. Request more information from Microwave Dynamics on its PLDRO.

Power Meter With Diode Sensor
The Krytar Model 9000B is a low-cost, high-performance CW power meter using a diode-based power sensor. The power meter can measure power levels from -39 to 20 dBm and cover frequencies from 100 kHz to 40 GHz. Downloadable product datasheet available. Request more information from Krytar on its power meters.

Satellite Link Emulator
dBm's SLE700 can be configured with 1, 2, or 4 channels. The bandwidth of each channel is 45 MHz, and the nominal center frequency can be 70 MHz or 140 MHz. Ephemeris data files are downloaded via an Ethernet connection and stored internally in solid-state memory. Downloadable product brochure available. Request more information from dBm on the SLE700.

IC Design Software
The Analog Office design suite from Applied Wave Research is fully integrated into existing digital and mixed signal IC design flows and enables analog and RFIC design engineers to shorten their development cycles and speed wireless products to market. Downloadable product brochure available. Request more information from Applied Wave Research on its Analog Office design suite.

Low Noise Coaxial Cables
Harbour Industries low noise coaxial cables are recommended for electronic circuits where input signals are weak and susceptible to self-induced noise within the cable. Notwithstanding the small diameters, cable attenuation is minimal. Downloadable product datasheet available. Find out how Harbour can help with your current project.

Flat Plate Antennas
Continental Microwave & Tool (CMT) is a producer of slotted array antennas. Two near field antenna test ranges and environmental test capabilities enable CMT to meet specific customer requirements on a variety of antenna products. Downloadable product datasheets available. Request more information from CMT on its flat plate antennas.

CATV RF Components
Including splitters, attenuators, amplifiers, and residential passives, the Viewsonics range from Emerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions has long been recognized as delivering performance and value. Downloadable product catalog available. Find out how Emerson Network Power can help with your current project.

Octave And Half-Octave Band Amplifiers
Ciao Wireless offers a broad selection of Octave Band and Half-Octave Band Amplifiers. Designs are manufactured utilizing Thin-Film MIC technology and all models feature integral voltage regulators that make performance insensitive to supply voltage variations over a nominal 12 to 20 Volt DC voltage variation. Downloadable product catalog available. Request more information from Ciao Wireless on its octave amplifiers.

Fan Ventilation Panels
MAJR's fan ventilation panels are manufactured to meet the commercial market's requirements for a low-cost, high-quality EMI-shielded ventilation panel. Shielding effectiveness is in the 50 to 60 db range at 1 GHz, depending on the gasket material used. Contact MAJR with your specifications.

GMS Connectors
Corning Gilbert's GMS connectors have a similar size and power handling capability to the SMA type connectors. Their properties make them ideal for multiple mate and backplane applications. Downloadable product brochure and catalog available. Request more information from Corning on its GMS connectors.

Mobile Two-Way Radio Antennas
These 700 MHz, 800 MHz, and 900 MHz elevated feed point antennas from PCTEL are engineered for vehicles without a ground plane. When trunk mounted, the antenna extends above the roofline to eliminate "shadow effect". Downloadable product datasheet available. Request more information from PCTEL on its mobile two-way radio antennas.

Featured Download
Application Note: Short-Range RF For Point-Of-Sale Transactions
By AeroComm, Inc.
The growing trend to accommodate consumers' interest in flexible payment options has driven retailers, restaurants, banks, and service providers to offer widespread availability of credit/debit and cash machine POS card processing. This application note reviews the latest trends in POS card processing including mobile, temporary, and handheld credit processing options...
RF Globalnet Welcomes Discussion Forum Host

Ravinder Pal Singh Gill
Test & Measurement Forum

Ravinder Pal Singh Gill, Anritsu Company, has more than nine years of experience in RF and microwave engineering. For the past five years, he has participated in several different programs with Anritsu, including connectors, bias tees, and power sensors. Gill has conducted research on the optical market and has presented a paper on interconnects for OC768 (40 Gbps) fiber optic microwave components. Click here for his complete bio.

Check out his Featured Discussion topic below.

Featured Discussion
Cellular Base Station Power Testing Requirements
Testing and monitoring the RF performance of wireless communications systems is becoming extremely important for new base station installations. You can use a handheld spectrum analyzer to test RF power; however, the tool may not be useful for power measurements that require accuracy better than 0.7 dB. What are your power accuracy requirements? Do you need to measure the average power only, or are other measurements -- such as peak power, burst power, peak to average ratio, etc. -- also required?

Join this discussion in the Test & Measurement Forum.

Featured Book
Broadband Communications And Home Networking
By Scott R. Bullock

This book takes a close look at current high-speed digital communications, data distribution, and networking solutions for homes and small offices. While focusing in-depth on broadband and home networking technologies, it also offers a review of the basic principles and terminology surrounding telephony, modems, digital modulation, and orthogonal signals...

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