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11.17.22 -- Exploring The Future Use Of Geospatial Intelligence By The Military

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Spotlight On Military, Defense, & Aerospace Solutions
Comparing PME And BME MLCCs For High-Reliability Applications

The maturity of PME MLCCs and their proven reliability provide confidence, yet newer BME MLCCs lead in commercial applications based on cost and size specifications. It's expected that BME MLCCs will become more widely accepted as an option for high-reliability applications.

Choosing A Signal Generator For Radar Testing? These Parameters Are Key

There are three essential performance parameters when choosing a signal generator to evaluate a radar system: phase noise, frequency switching speed, and cost.

Highly Reliable Coaxial Switches With Options For Countless Applications

Coaxial switch customers require a variety of options for reliable switching in repeatable, high-power, extreme temperature, or custom switches.

Combining RF Signals And DC Power In Single Coax Cable With AR-RBT

The AR-RBT is a tactical low-loss bias tee designed to combine RF signals and DC power into a single coax cable for use in harsh environments. It eliminates the need to run additional cabling to the top of an antenna mast, reducing weight and complexity from base station deployments. 

Industry Insights
Power Amplifier Modules And Their Role In 5G Design

In this article, we'll talk about power amplifiers (PAs), their role in 5G, and how Qorvo leverages power amplifier modules (PAMs) to help support the 5G infrastructure of the future.

Fast And Reliable Power Measurements In The Satellite Industry

In the satellite sector, components, subsystems, and entire satellites must be qualified in a thermal vacuum chamber to prove that they can survive and function during launch and in space.

Shielding Effectiveness Test Guide

Many products incorporate electronics and wireless communications and need RF interference testing. This requires shielding enclosures that need proper testing to ensure their correct operation.

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Video: Boonton Test Solutions For Pulsed Power Measurements

Offering up to 16 automatic pulse measurements and enabling measurement focus on specific portions, Boonton solutions, including the PMX40 RF power meter, USB RF power sensors with RTPP technology coupled, and the RTP Series Measurement Buffer Mode Application, provide the performance metrics and measurement windows needed to accurately test pulse or burst signals.

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Small Form Factor Quartz Crystal Units: M1620 And M1260 Series

The M1620 and M1260 families are available in standard and custom frequencies up to 80 MHz and are ideal for space-constrained communications, IoT, and wearable applications.

Featured Products And Resources
Space-Qualified 180° Hybrid Coupler: 4010265-SQ

KRYTAR 180° hybrid couplers feature dual input and output ports that offer wide frequency coverage in single, compact packages, which provide low insertion loss, high directivity, and tight coupling. 

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Markets And Applications

NuWaves RF Solutions is a premier supplier of RF and microwave solutions whose products and services serve the national defense, aerospace, and medical markets among others.

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NuWaves RF Solutions
X-Band RF Transmitter: VSX3717

CPI’s VSX3717 is an air- or liquid-cooled 4.0 kW X-band solid state power amplifier optimized for pulse radars. This amplifier utilizes GaN transistors to provide high gain, high efficiency, and excellent pulse fidelity. The result is excellent AM/PM, phase-noise, and spectral regrowth performance.

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Communications & Power Industries
11-Way Power Divider/Combiner: 50PD-735

Model 50PD-735 is a 50-ohm resistive 11-way power divider/combiner. It is available with 50-ohm SMA female coaxial RF connectors, operates DC-6,000 MHz, and is rated for 1 watt of RF input power. It is constructed in a star configuration and has the functionality of a RF hub because every path through the divider/combiner has equal loss.

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JFW Industries, Inc.
Power Amplifier: 125S1G6C

The Model 125S1G6C is a solid-state, Class A design, self-contained, air-cooled, broadband power amplifier designed for applications where instantaneous bandwidth, high gain, and linearity are required.

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