Enhanced Frequency Range, USB-Controlled Signal Generator: TEG4000-1

Source: RFMW, Ltd.

Enhanced Frequency Range, USB-Controlled Signal Generator: TEG4000-1

The TEG4000-1 is a Telemakus USB-controlled RF signal generator from RFMW enhanced to cover a large range of frequencies from 35 MHz to 4000 MHz. As a laboratory quality generator, this instrument offers a programmable output with 1 KHz resolution, a phase noise of -108 dBc/Hz @ 100 kHz offset, and spurious performance of -75 dBc. Ideal applications include use in local oscillators for frequency conversion, scalar measurements, and multi-tone testing (when two or more instruments are combined).

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When coupled with other Telemakus USB-controlled devices, including amplifiers, attenuators, switches, vector modulators, and detectors, complex text functions are achievable. This low cost, transportable test equipment features output power that is controllable up to 1 dBm typical (minimum 0dBm), and second harmonics kept to -20 dBc. Each unit also has a graphical user interface (GUI) with on-board Flash memory, making them suitable for “plug-and-play” operation on Window’s based PCs.

For additional information on the TEG4000-1 signal generator, download the datasheet.

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