News | December 17, 2012

Empower RF Systems Announcement - Executive Chairman Role And CEO Transition

Source: Empower RF Systems, Inc.

The Board of Directors of Empower RF Systems has approved the creation of a new role, Executive Chairman of the Board, and the appointment of a new CEO, effective, January 1, 2013.

Barry Phelps, current CEO, will be transitioning to the role of Executive Chairman of the Board, remaining active and involved with the Company and leading the management / oversight of Board responsibilities. Barry joined the Board of Directors in 2007 and moved into a full time role as CEO in 2009. His new role is integral to the maturing of the Company and important to future growth. Barry’s role and the transition highlighted below is planned for, orderly, and a greatly anticipated next phase in the Company's development.
Jon Jacocks has been promoted to President and CEO of Empower RF Systems. Jon joined Empower in November 2007 as the company’s first VP of Sales and he has served in that capacity for the past five years. During this time Jon has led the development of sales strategy, engagements with new and strategic customers, and building internal resources and the development of our world-wide Rep channel.  Jon has also driven the Company’s Marketing strategy and significantly increased the awareness of Empower as a leading solid-state, high power amplifier supplier.

Related to this, Rob Lauria, Empower’s Vice President of Business Development, will expand his role and responsibilities to become Vice President, Business Development and Sales. Jon and Rob, as well as the entire Empower team, are focused on introduction of our next generation products, support of key customer engagements, and driving business plan objectives. The Company is committed to success, growth, and technical innovations that differentiate its products and the performance of customer’s systems. 

About Empower RF Systems Inc.
Empower RF Systems Inc., a Summit Partners portfolio company, designs, develops, and produces innovative and quality RF power amplifiers and power amplifier based systems. Headquartered in Inglewood, California, the Company sells products to a diverse and global customer base in the key markets of Communications, Test and Measurement, Electronic Warfare, and Radar.  Empower is a US Corporation, ITAR registered and ISO certified. For more information, visit

Source: Empower RF Systems, Inc.