Datasheet | February 20, 2014

Emission Measurement System 10 Hz - 40 GHz: TDEMI 40G Datasheet

Source: Gauss Instruments

The TDEMI 40G system covers the frequency range 10 Hz to 40 GHz in its standard and is ready for measurements in civil applications and especially for testing in military applications and also avionics. All IF bandwidth according to MILL461 and DO160 are available in the preselected spectrogram mode of the instrument also. The fully gapless real-time analysis bandwidth of 162.5 MHz of the spectrogram mode up to 40 GHz makes the TDEMI 40G unique in the instrumentation market and provides an ideal tool for real-time EMC debugging up to 40GHz it supports the user in detecting, localizing, observing and analyzing emission and in finding solutions for reduction EMI of components and system for military and avionic industry.