EMI/RFI Filter Sample Kits

Source: CTS Electronic Components

EMI/RFI Filter Sample Kits

CTS has recently developed new sample kits of EMI and RFI filters for applications calling for the effective reduction of radio interference in systems where high performance and board space are both critical.

Two “C” type kits are currently available. Both allow for fast mechanical bonding through CTS’s alternative to traditional soldering installation. Each has an epoxy sealed top and a glass sealed bottom that can cover various voltage requirements (300 working voltage DC at 85oC and 200 working voltage DC at 125oC), capacitance ranges (up to 27nF), and attenuation (5 amps).

The 4300-900 kit:

  • An assortment of ten parts from the 4300 series of EMI/RFI filters
  • Minimum capacitance: 10 pF to 27 nF
  • 300 working voltage DC at 85oC, 200 working voltage DC at 125oC

The 4306-900 kit:

  • An assortment of ten parts from the 4306 series of EMI/RFI filters

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