Application Note

Efficiently Testing Car Antennas for Broadcast Signals

Source: Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG
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Cars today look and perform a lot differently than they did thirty years ago. With the addition of integrated GPS systems and even digital televisions, modern day vehicles have more antennas than ever. Mounting these antennas vertically in the center of the roof would provide the best performance, but most car designs don’t allow for a set up like this. To ensure proper antenna performance, their receive level needs to be tested in real-world conditions. This was usually done through drive tests performed in areas with known-receive conditions. These types of tests are expensive, time consuming, inaccurate, and not easy to reproduce. This application note explains how to address this issue through the use of TV analyzers and drive test software in order to minimize the number of require drive tests, and improve on the results of those tests.