Economy Vector Network Analyzer: MS46322A

Source: Anritsu Company

Economy Vector Network Analyzer: MS46322A

This series of vector network analyzers (VNAs) covers the 1 MHz to 4/8/14/20/30/40 GHz ranges. Its fast sweep speed and wide dynamic range minimizes test times and maximizes throughput and its excellent corrected directivity lessens measurement uncertainty.

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A major feature of the MS46322A VNA series is its patented shock line VNA-on-chip technology. This simplifies the analyzer’s internal architecture at high frequencies, reduces instrument size and cost, and enhances accuracy and measurement repeatability.

Ideal areas of application include passive component testing and troubleshooting (attenuators, circulators, filters, phase shifters, isolators, etc.), system calibration, path- loss characterization, and general s-parameter and time domain measurements.

For additional information on the MS46322A vector network analyzer’s features and specifications, download the datasheet. For more details about the VNA-on-chip technology, download the "Modern Architecture Advances Vector Network Analyzer Performance" White Paper.

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