Magazine Article | July 24, 2014

Detecting And Locating Hidden Signals And Interferers In Military Operations

Source: Anritsu Company
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By Eric Hakanson, senior product manager, Anritsu

Spectrum analyzers can be used to neutralize electronic warfare threats.

Today’s warfare depends on wireless technologies for successful military deployment and operations. This reliance has created a wave of tactics that focus on disabling signal transmissions through the use of GPS, radar, and other types of jammers, as well as bugs and various interferers. Additionally, militia groups and terror organizations continue to utilize hidden signal techniques to communicate with each other covertly while coordinating their military actions.

This era of electronic warfare has led to arming soldiers with more than weapons and radios. Interference-hunting and spectrum-monitoring tools, such as handheld spectrum analyzers and directional antennas, are now standard defense tools. The armed forces rely on these instruments to detect and locate jammers that may interfere with essential commands as well as eavesdrop on hidden conversations between terror cells.