CST MPHYSICS STUDIO – Thermal and Mechanical Stress Analysis

Source: CST of America, Inc.


CST MPHYSICS STUDIO® (CST MPS) is seamlessly integrated into CST STUDIO SUITE®, enhancing the EM simulation tools by adding the ability to calculate thermal and mechanical stress effects. This easy-to-use tool allows a multiphysics approach for the complete simulation of devices.

Data from CST MPS can be easily imported from the high-frequency (CST MICROWAVE STUDIO®), low-frequency (CST EM STUDIO®), and charged particle (CST PARTICLE STUDIO®) modules, enabling coupled EM-multiphysics simulation.

The thermal solvers are designed to solve stationary and transient temperature distributions and model interactions caused by the changes in temperature. Often occurring in conjunction with high power or PCB simulations, the problems arising from temperature-sensitive components can be accurately calculated to ensure performance and reliability.

The structural mechanics solver is useful for calculating the thermal expansion of components as well as the stress and strain within it as it presses against its housing. These mechanical effects can be integrated into EM simulations and a sensitivity analysis can be carried out to test the device’s response to heating.