Crystal Oscillators: ONYX Series

Source: Wenzel Associates, Inc.

Crystal Oscillators: ONYX Series

ONYX Series crystal oscillators (OCXOs) offer low phase noise, temperature stability, and low acceleration sensitivity. With excellent phase noise performance during vibration, these OCXOs are ideal for an array of applications including military, airborne, ground, shipboard, testing, and base stations.

The ONYX Series comprises two models with variations in operational frequencies and G sensitivity. The oscillators include an internal voltage regulator to provide excellent power supply line rejection, low phase noise to -176 dBC/Hz, low G-sensitivity to 1E-10/g per axis or 1E-10/g per axis, a through hole PCB mount, a TTL compatible output option, and output frequencies ranging from 10 MHz to 160 MHz.

For additional features and specifications on the individual models in the ONYX Series, download the available datasheets.