Corry Micronics Super Speed USB3.1 Filter Module Interfaces

Corry Micronics Super Speed USB3.1 Filter Module Interfaces

Corry Micronics has developed a lab grade filter module that passes the super speed USB3.1 at 10Gbps designed specifically for LTE band rejection.  The CFM1-USB31-C and CFM1-USB31-AB are designed to pass data between USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 devices at up to 10 Gbps while rejecting conducted and radiated interference and noise.  These products are used with an RF shielded enclosure or shielded room to isolate products undergoing testing that require an electrically quiet environment.

Based on a previous 4K HDMI filter interface design, the USB3.1 10Gbps maintains a very wide reject band and allows this USB3.1 filter to be fully compatible with all USB speeds, formats, and charging modes.  The unit is downward compatible and supports the USB v1.2 enhanced battery charging specification and provides BC v1.2 charging both, with or without a host connected to the upstream (Type B) port. With no host connected, the unit can function as a dedicated charging port, supporting both the BC v1.2 specification at 1.5 Amps as well as supporting proprietary charging such as Apple devices at up to 2.2 Amps. 

This product will provide critical filtering for major carriers because we’ve lowered the reject band down to 500 MHz.  The USB3.1 filter module maintains a typical conductive insertion loss greater than 90 dB from 500 MHz to 8 GHz.  These ground-breaking filter modules are compatible with Type A and Type B USB 2.0 cables as well as Type A and Type B USB 3.0/3.1 cables and feature two status LEDs that indicate power supply health and downstream charging port status for user convenience.

For more information on the CFM1-USB31-C and CFM1-USB31-AB, download the datasheets.

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