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04.22.21 -- Connections In RF Testing | Spotlight On Cables/Connectors/Interconnect Solutions

Spotlight On Cables/Connectors/Interconnect Solutions
Using Connectors With Integrated EEPROMS

Connector systems with integrated microchips such as EEPROMs (electrically erasable programmable read-only memory) offer an easy pairing of devices and connectors, real-time connection status, mating cycle count, and electronic device identification.

Benefits Of Foam Polymers In Low Loss Coaxial Cables

Advancements in high-resolution phased array antenna technology make phase-critical analog and digital transceiver systems reliable in global aerospace and defense programs. This white paper will discuss the innovative materials and manufacturing technologies and dielectric material selection in coaxial lines used in these high-throughput data sections. 

Understanding Phase Versus Temperature Behavior

It can be difficult to understand the combination of complex microwave transmission concepts with complex material properties, especially in phase stability versus temperature. This app note will help readers understand this phenomenon, starting with the basics of phase length and phase delay.

Application Note: Application Guide To RF Coaxial Connectors And Cables

RF coaxial connectors provide vital RF links in communications, broadcast, EMC testing, commercial, and military, as well as test and measurement fields. This article provides guidance and insight in choosing connectors best suited to accommodate your specific application.

Connections In RF Testing

Almost every RF test setup requires connectors and cables. Connectors will influence test results in various and sometimes unpredictable ways. Test equipment can compensate for some of these influences but often with detrimental effects. This article discusses how the connections used in a test setup will affect test results and why it is important to create a valid test environment.

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Qovro Makes IoT Easy With ConcurrentConnect Technology

Qorvo’s ConcurrentConnect technology works and enables fast communications, increases network capacity, helps create future-proof connected devices, and improves scalability in the connected home. Qorvo works with an array of tools and loves partnering with the customers on the toughest design problems. 

Introducing Pentek’s Family Of Quartz Products

Based on the Xilinx Zynq Ultascale+ RFSoC, the Quartz family brings performance and high-density integration to a wide range of different application spaces with a uniquely flexible design path. Quartz is available in standard form factors like 3U VPX, or with the QuartzXM Carrier Design Kit it can be deployed on application-specific custom carriers. 

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Ultrasound Cable Assemblies

TE Connectivity (TE) offers medical device OEMs to ultrasound cable assemblies with innovative designs in the medical market. The TE COMFORT cable is a market leader in ergonomic design with a low torque, easily maneuverable, and lightweight cable assembly. TE also provides expertise in fine wire and fine pitch termination to match available micro-miniature coaxial cable options.

Featured Products And Services
VPX RF Product Portfolio: VITA 67

SV Microwave offers an extensive portfolio of VITA 67 RF products designed to deliver high performance and rugged durability to chassis and payload cards while meeting industry standards for interoperability. Adaptors and accessories are also available to provide point-to-point connectivity for all RF requirements.

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SV Microwave, an Amphenol Company
Harsh Environment Connectors: M Series
LEMO’s M Series connectors are lightweight triple-start ratchet coupling type connectors ideally designed for avionics, aerospace, military, security, motorsport, and other applications in harsh environments. The products are COTS (commercial off-the-shelf), fulfil various MIL–spec requirements, and answer most of the MIL-DTL-38999 requirements.
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MegaPhase Space Capabilities

MegaPhase offers a wide range of RF cables, components, connectors, adapters, and accessories ideally designed for use in space applications.

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MegaPhase LLC
Catalog: JFW Fixed Attenuators

JFW Industries has over 1200 configurations of 50- or 75-ohm fixed attenuators and terminations that handle 1 watt to 1.5 kW input power.

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JFW Industries, Inc.
Single-Pair Ethernet Connectivity Solutions

The Ethernet has expanded into many sectors, including defense, industrial automation, transportation, and smart cities. Challenges, however, have arisen such as long cabling distances to cover, bandwidth limitations, and complexity from managing various protocols simultaneously. Fischer's Single Pair Ethernet aims to offer a solution.

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Fischer Connectors
TLMP RF Connectors: Designed For Military, Aerospace, And Space Flight

A TLMP RF connector addresses the disadvantages of SMP/SMPM connectors, making them ideal for use in military, aerospace, and space flight applications. They are vibration-proof, and their design overlaps the insulators cutting off a direct path to ground from the center conductor to the outer shield, which enables higher power or voltage functionality at higher altitudes.

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Times Microwave Systems