Compact Modular Connector System: ODU-MAC®

Source: ODU-USA, Inc.

Compact Modular Connector System: ODU-MAC

The ODU-MAC® from ODU-USA is a compact, rectangular, modular connector system optimized for use as a service and interface connector for applications requiring a high number of mating cycles in a compact space while meeting the highest possible quality standards. The modular construction makes it possible to combine many individual connectors in any way for specific customer requirements.  

The ODU-MAC features an aluminum frame for automatic docking, and can hold anywhere between 3 and 60 units. Other key features include high level of contact reliability through many independent contact points, high mating cycles, and high packing density. This connector system is also modularly attachable, and is available in a rugged version with many possible versatile solutions. Typical applications include those within medical, industrial, automotive, military, energy, and test and measurement markets.

For more information on available modules, ordering information, and application specific solutions, download the datasheet.