Newsletter | April 15, 2021

04.15.21 -- Choosing Medical Imaging Components | Commercial Drone Market Drivers

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Why Predictability Matters In High-End PCB Manufacturing

Predictability is essential for PCB manufacturing. Without it, a product’s reliability cannot be assured. Conventional approaches to predictability often fall short. Inspection, for example, only reveals superficial flaws. Micro sectioning is destructive in nature and inadequate for complex PCBs with thousands of vias. 

Testing True Performance Of ADCs Using R&S®SMA100B Signal Generator

Analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) have largely increased in speed and accuracy, allowing high-speed video processing and software defined radio (SDR) applications, where digitization is being performed at ever-higher intermediate frequencies (IF). 

Interference Hunting With Signal Hound's Spike Software

When interference hunting, it's possible to locate sources of interference while capturing detailed information about suspicious RF activity in the area. Spike's Interference Hunting analysis mode aims to untangle crossed signals by managing all the cluttered communication environments.

Unique mmWave Designs And Customized Products For Satcom, Radar, EW, And ECM Systems

Systems operating in the Ka-band, Q-band, and other high-frequency bands present more significant SWaP-C challenges than systems operating at lower frequencies, demanding more expertise from component designers.

CPI Receiver Protector Selection Guide

CPI offers a wide range of solid-state limiters, TR limiters, pre-TR limiters, pre-TR tubes, TR tubes, ATR tubes, and multipactors. Benefits of these products include extensive high power test capabilities, in-house environmental test facilities, and computer modeling and automatic test capabilities. 

Key Drivers Of Growth Acceleration In The Commercial Drone Market

The consumer drone market is reaching its saturation point, thanks to the global pandemic increasing drone use. Because of this, the commercial segment is now the fastest growing. Innovative products and technological developments have been especially prevalent in the agricultural and construction industries.

Shielding Effectiveness Test Guide

Many products incorporate electronics and wireless communications and need RF interference testing. This requires shielding enclosures that need proper testing to ensure their correct operation.

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Model 8256 3U VPX SOSA Aligned Development Chassis Demo

Pentek’s Model 8256 is a 3U VPX platform aligned to the SOSA Technical Standard with IPMI and connectivity for RF and optical interfaces for application development with Pentek's Quartz RFSoC data acquisition and processing boards. Pentek's SOSA aligned products facilitate interoperability, reuse, and rapid technology insertion, all consistent with the SOSA Consortium's approach and vision. 

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High-Gain Low-Noise Amplifier: SKY67181-396LF

The SKY67181-396LF by Skyworks is a wideband, low-noise amplifier featuring superior gain flatness and exceptional linearity. Designed for 4G LTE and 5G NR infrastructure systems, this amplifier operates from 3300 to 5000 MHz and has a compact 2 x 2 mm with an 8-pin, dual flat, no lead package.

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Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
Introduction To The AR-5000 Series

This app note describes the GC (gain control), MLC (maximum level control), and ALC (automatic level control) features available on AR-5000 Series amplifiers. Controlling the gain, output power, and linearity performance enables the operator to maximize system performance.

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AR Modular RF
Cavity Triplexer: CMIMUX3-90DB-03A

The CMIMUX3-90DB-03A is a cavity triplexer that operates within the L-band, S-band, and C-band frequencies. The triplexer is designed in a very compact size and with a bulkhead “N” connector for easy mounting to a bulkhead.

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Corry Micronics, Inc.
Digitally Tunable HP/LP Filter (2 GHz To 18 GHz): ADMV8818

The ADMV8818 from Analog Devices is a fully monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) featuring a digitally selectable frequency of operation. Applications include test and measurement equipment, military radar, electronic warfare, and electronic countermeasures, satellite communications, and space industrial and medical equipment.

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Analog Devices