Channel Power Monitor

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Channel Power Monitor

The Channel Power Monitor is specifically designed to monitor up to 16 channels simultaneously within complex communication systems. It is meant to provide the user with continuous information on the health of each component, including radio performance, combiner loss, and antenna/feed line characteristics of the system.

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The Channel Power Monitor measures forward, reflected, and composite power as well as system VSWR, and is able to be configured with multiple options for sensors and meters in the 140 MHz to 960 MHz frequency range. By utilizing hard contact and SNMP formats, this monitor can also be configured to alert high and low level power and high antenna VSWR.

Channel Power Monitor Features Include:

  • Data logging
  • Built-in web Server
  • Push-to-talk (PTT) compatibility is standard
  • Full control of alarm and data logging settings
  • Slim 1RU package

The new Model 4042 Channelized Directional Power Sensor provides both forward and reflected individual channel power measurements with +/-5% of reading accuracy, at power levels of up to 500 watts and is also NIST traceable. This sensor is intended for use at the transmit combiner output, in order to provide both individual channel output from the combiner power, as well as antenna VSWR information.

Use the 4042 along with the 3141 to measure the individual desired channels.  Program the desired channels into the 3141, and the 3141 will request individual channel power information from the 4042 sensor.

For more performance features and specifications on the Channel Power Monitor and the Channelized Directional Power Sensor, download the datasheet.