Broadband General Purpose GaN Transistor: IGN0160UM10

Source: Integra Technologies, Inc.

Broadband General Purpose GaN Transistor: IGN0160UM10

Integra Technologies offers the IGN0160UM10 broadband GaN transistor for use in general purpose applications. The transistor operates throughout the 0.100 through 6.00 GHz frequency range, and is designed to utilize GaN on SiC HEMT technology.

The IGN0160UM10 is an un-matched internal impedance device with depletion mode. It requires a negative gate voltage and bias sequencing, and is specified for use under Class AB operation. The device is housed in a metal based, wire bond package sealed with a ceramic-epoxy lid.

Additional features include:

  • POUT = 15W @ CW / 3.0GHz
  • Package Size: W=0.550″ (13.97mm), L=0.160″ (4.06mm)
  • 100% High Power RF Tested in Fixed Tuned RF Test Fixture
  • Gold metallization system package

For more specifications, operating parameters, and performance graphs, download the datasheet.