Bluetooth Low Energy IC For Automotive Applications: TC35679IFTG-002

Source: Toshiba

Bluetooth Low Energy IC For Automotive Applications: TC35679IFTG-002

Toshiba offers the TC35679IFTG-002 Bluetooth Low Energy IC designed specifically for automotive applications. With ultra-low power, this IC can support secure connections, LE privacy features, and extended packet length. The instrument contains both analog RF and baseband digital parts for a complete solution in a single, compact, and low-profile package for use in harsh automotive environments and at extended temperature ranges.

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The TC35679IFTG-002 features a wettable flank package that simplifies automatic visual inspection needed to deliver the high levels of soldering quality required to withstand high vibrations. The IC also facilitates remote connection to diagnostic equipment, creating a Bluetooth ‘soft’ On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) port. Ideal applications include remote key systems and reducing cables by delivering a reliable wireless connection to sensors.

Download the TC35679IFTG-002 datasheet for more features and specifications.

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