News | December 7, 2009

Bird Technologies Introduces A Multiband Combiner And Coupler

Source: Bird
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Bird Technologies, TX RX Systems brand introduces the Multiband Shorthaul Control Station Combiners and Multiband Coupler.

The Multiband Control Station Combiner, model 43-05-01 series, provides frequency-agile operation across multiple bands. Operating in frequency ranges of 40-960 MHz, the multi-channel multi-band combiner interoperability can be combined into a single network for efficiency. The unit is low profile for space efficient installation while saving cost by combining multiple bands in the same combiner. This is ideally used with the Multiband Coupler.

The Multiband Coupler, model 80-05-14, reduces tower transmission lines at sites operating from VHF to 900 MHz. While it guarantees out of band isolation, it helps reduce cost and tower loading time.

About Bird Technologies
Bird Technologies consists of Bird Electronic Corporation, TX RX Systems Inc., Bird Service Center, and Bird Global Services. Building on the inventive ideas of J. Raymond Bird, The Bird Engineering Company introduced the patented Thruline Principle, which ushered in the standard tool for RF power measurement. Since then, Bird Electronic Corporation has manufactured RF Instrumentation, resistive products, RF components, test systems, and provides service and calibration solutions for electronic equipment. Bird Technologies acquired TX RX Systems Inc. in 1995. With more than 25 years experience in serving critical public-safety needs, TX RX Systems has earned an unmatched reputation for delivering high-quality, reliable systems that ensure life-saving communications.