Bird 8941 Series Oil Loads

Source: Bird


The 8941-115SC13, 15 kW, Oil-Cooled Termination with 115 VAC Blower Assembly is a general purpose, 50 ohm, coaxial RF transmission line termination, useful as standby reject load or dummy load. It provides accurate, dependable, and low reflection line termination over a frequency range of dc – 20 MHz. Up to 15,000 watts can be dissipated. The loads have a coolant chamber surrounded by radiator fins. The front and rear fins form mounting flanges which can be used as supports for freestanding use or as brackets for fixed mounting. A vent plug at the top of the unit relieves internal pressure from coolant expansion and a blower assembly with three axial fans that line the bottom of the load.

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  • Capable of up to 10 dB peak to average power ratios
  • Operation up to 20 MHz
  • Self-contained cooling system that includes fans.
  • Wide range of available RF input connectors

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