News | May 29, 2009

Bird Introduces Signal Booster To Comply With New IFC/NFPA Fire Codes For New Buildings

Source: Bird

Bird Technologies, the innovative global supplier of RF products, systems, services and related solutions, introduces the Bird RescueLine signal booster, the first such signal-booster system that fully complies with the IFC 2009 and NFPA 1 2009 codes — making it the state-of-the-art electronic lifeline for first responders inside a new building.

To comply with the new International Fire Code and National Fire Protection Association (IFC/NFPA) standards, the Bird RescueLine delivers on a key objective: ensuring that first responders have reliable radio communications in large structures. It features a 12-hour battery back-up and an alarm interface providing all five required alarm conditions, including antenna system failure (up or down link) and 70-percent low battery. The Bird RescueLine is compatible with standard fire-alarm panels.

The Bird RescueLine is especially valued for its ability to allow public-safety personnel to communicate during critical events even while power is unavailable.

Bird Technologies new signal booster is the direct descendant of the Bird SBII Series Signal Booster, public safety’s most preferred choice for life-critical in-building radio communications. TX RX Systems Inc., part of Bird Technologies, invented and built the first signal booster 25 years ago. TX RX Systems’ prides itself on delivering top-quality systems that enhance and extend the range of radio communications in basements, subways and other restrictive venues that challenge life-saving communications.

“IFC/NFPA standards for public-safety communications for in-building systems ensure that best practices are followed,” says Jack Daniel, a life member of the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials and a longtime advocate of public-safety in-building communications. “I reviewed the new product and agree it complies completely with new IFC/NFPA codes for in-building public-safety systems.”

“With new buildings required to meet the more stringent IFC/NFPA codes, the Bird RescueLine gives contractors, communication system integrators and public-safety personnel one less cause for concern,” says Maria Inglut, TX RX Product Manager.

Bird Technologies will showcase the Bird RescueLine signal booster at APCO 2009 in booths 816 and 818, August 16 - 20, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

About Bird Technologies
Bird Technologies consists of Bird Electronic Corporation, TX RX Systems Inc., Bird Service Center, and Bird Global Services. Building on the inventive ideas of J. Raymond Bird, The Bird Engineering Company introduced the patented Thruline Principle, which ushered in the standard tool for RF power measurement. Since then, Bird Electronic Corporation has manufactured RF Instrumentation, resistive products, RF components, test systems, and provides service and calibration solutions for electronic equipment. BT acquired TX RX Systems Inc. in 1995. With more than 25 years experience in serving critical public-safety needs, TX RX Systems has earned an unmatched reputation for delivering high-quality, reliable systems that ensure life-saving communications.