Bench Top Switch Matrix

Source: Ducommun Inc.


Ducommun is pleased to offer a new bench top switch matrix, LC series, for use in laboratories and development centers. This is a general purpose Ethernet controlled RF switch matrix containing a maximum of two coaxial SPDT switches with SMA connectors and up to three SP10T switches, constructed in break-before-make configuration. Typical switching time is 25mSec. The LC series switch matrix can be customized from a single SPDT to a transfer switch or a combination of multi-throw switches. The RF switches can be operated in many different configurations remotely by using the supplied GUI program, or programmed by the user in Visual Basic, Labview or C+.

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The RF switches operate over a wide frequency band from DC to 40 GHz, has low insertion loss and high isolation, making the LC series switch matrix perfectly suitable for a wide variety of RF applications.

The LC Series Switch Matrix is constructed in a metal case (size of 10" X 8" X 2.5"), Standard DC socket and a Ethernet port. The Switch Matrix is supplied with a CD containing a graphical user interface (GUI) program. Also included are an Ethernet cable and an AC power cable.

We have the capability to customize the switch types and software, please feel free to call us with any question.

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