2 - 20 GHz Bench Test Synthesizers – MLBS Series

Source: Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc.

Micro Lambda Wireless offers the new MLBS series of bench test synthesizers operating in the 2 – 20 GHz frequency range for use in production test sets, laboratory tests, and test equipment racks where generation of microwave signals is essential. These units provide +10 dBm to + 13 dBm output power levels and are specified over a typical lab environment of +15° C to + 55° C.

Each bench top synthesizer in the MLBS series consists of a frequency synthesizer, heat sink, power supply, cooling fans, keyboard, display, USB interface, Ethernet interface, and a manual tuning knob. Components are housed in a 10” wide, 4” height, 13” deep enclosure with mounting feet and handle. These synthesizers are LABVIEW compatible and CE certified.

For additional features, specifications, and operational parameters, download the family datasheet.