News | June 25, 2013

AR-75 Tactical Booster Amplifier From AR Modular RF Selected For USAF C-130 Upgrade

Source: AR Modular RF
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AR Modular RF, a world class manufacturer and solution provider of RF amplifiers, systems and modules, has been selected as the top choice to upgrade a number of C-130 onboard aircraft communications amplifiers. The C-130 upgrades will employ the latest technologies to fulfill its primary mission to support our troops, serve as convoy escorts, and continue its role as the point of defense. The upgrades focus on the latest versions of the airframe by stepping up the communication capabilities and extending the communication range. A pair of AR-75 "Tactical Booster Amplifiers" is installed on each airframe. This AR Modular RF amplifier is compact, lightweight, and exceeds the shock and vibration requirements even when direct mounted to the airframe. In hostile environments, where dependable mission-critical communications is essential, the AR-75 outperforms all expectations.

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