News | July 7, 2008

AR Introduces Antennas For HIRF Testing

Source: AR

Souderton, PA -- AR RF Microwave Instrumentation has introduced a suite of three high-gain, high-power microwave horn antennas for use in DO 160 HIRF (High Intensity Radiated Frequency) testing. AR's amplifiers and antennas are already critical components in HIRF testing due to their ability to generate high intensity field strengths. The new suite of antennas provides more options for more test conditions.

The new antennas for HIRF testing include:

  • AT4444 – 2 to 4 GHz / 1000 watts CW / 17 kw pulse input power
  • AT4446 – 4 to 6 GHz / 800 watts CW / 15 kw pulse input power
  • AT4448 –6 to 8 GHz / 700 Watts CW (6-7.5 GHz), 600 Watts CW(7.5-8GHz) /10kW pulse input power

These are all high-gain, high-power microwave horn antennas that provide a minimum of 18 dB over isotropic. They supply high intensity fields for DO 160 HIRF testing. They are extremely compact and lightweight for easy mobility. Yet they're built tough to withstand the demands of outdoor use. All three antennas are designed to mount easily on a tripod or to a mounting plate; and can be used with AR's power-pulsed traveling wave tube amplifiers.

HIRF testing is becoming more important due to high electromagnetic fields – whether from friendly radar and other electronic devices, or generated by enemy/terrorist forces – are a real danger to electronic equipment. These high EM fields can detonate electronically-controlled explosive devices or even disable an aircraft's avionics. As HIRF testing becomes more common, AR is expanding its product line to meet the expanding need.