News | February 24, 2012

AR Installs Radiated Immunity Test System At Kidde Safety

Source: AR

Model AS0421902 Installed at Kidde Safety in Colorado Springs, COL

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation is known not only as a leader in RF and microwave amplifiers, but also for its innovative, all-in-one test systems. One of AR's Radiated Immunity Test Systems (model AS04210M2) was recently installed at Kidde Safety, Colorado Springs, Colorado. The unit, which tests to IEC61000-4-3 standards, will be used to test Kidde's fire and safety products.

The AS04210M2 system is designed to produce fields of up to 10V/m with 80%AM (18V/m CW) at a 3m test distance from 80MHz-4.2GHz for radiated immunity testing in a compliant EMC chamber. The system is supplied without the signal generator and field monitoring equipment (other AR systems do include all equipment); it does include larger than required amplifiers to add margin to the test capability. This system also includes all necessary directional couplers, system controller, power meter, power head, antennas, and tripod.

The AS04210M2 Radiated Immunity Test System is just one of a wide variety of all-in- one test systems available from AR.

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