News | November 4, 2010

AR-50 Booster Amplifier Receives JITC Certification

AR Modular RF has received JITC Certification on it's AR-50 booster amplifier. The 50-watt, automatic tuning, multi-band tactical booster amplifier (30 –512 MHz) has been tested and certified for conformance to applicable Military Standard (MILSTD).

The AR-50 booster amplifier boosts tactical radio signals from handheld and back-pack transceivers operating in the 30 – 512 MHz band. It provides 50 watts output with as little as 2 watts input and offers two antenna ports dedicated to line-of-sight (LOS) or UHF Satellite (SATCOM). The system also provides a switchable low-noise amplifier (LNA) and a threeposition RF output level control. The small, compact, lightweight unit can run from either 12v or 24v vehicle power systems.

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