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First 4x4 MIMO Field Trial: Stellar Data Rates Reported, Few Details Provided
By Paul Kruczkowski, Editor
By Paul Kruczkowski, Editor Huawei has conducted what it claims is the world's first 4x4 MIMO field trial, demonstrating downstream data rates of up to 250 Mbps. However, it remains unclear whether or not the trial really represents a major step forward for UE MIMO technology.
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Mixer Basics: A Tutorial On RF And Microwave Mixers
As the title indicates, this article provides a tutorial on RF and microwave mixers. Sections of this article provide information on what a mixer is, mixer balance, mixer performance metrics, and much more. Read more.

GaN: The Technology Of The Future
Gallium nitride (GaN) has turned into the new industry buzzword. Markets such as radar, military, and CATV have jumped to the forefront of using GaN, and we hear of new products and application breakthroughs using GaN on a regular basis. Read more.

RF Integrated Passive Devices: The Next Big, Small Thing
RF front end designers have always been in need of passive devices that serve in many functional blocks in their radio designs. These devices include 90-degree hybrids, power dividers, and directional couplers, to state a few. Read more.

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