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07.15.21 -- Antenna Selection Guide | Waveguide Horns For mmWave

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5G Antenna Design For Smartphones

Over the past 10 years, smartphones and smart devices have transformed the way we communicate, are entertained, and carry out our work. Over 1 billion devices are sold each year and around half the world’s population own a smartphone. 

Multichannel Radar Signal Emulator (MRSE) System For Testing Radar In Space Applications

D-TA Systems’ 4-channel standard MRSE-2000 system is designed to provide a phase coherent multichannel radar signal emulator platform that could simulate the backscatter returns from a distant flying target to a multiple-channel radar system. 

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Measurement Of Beamforming Antenna In Transmit Mode

This white paper describes the unique application of Rohde & Schwarz’s vector network analyzers to fully characterize the passive part of multi-element antennas intended for beamforming.

Learn Which Waveguide Horns Are Right For Your Millimeter Waves

Waveguide horn antennas represent technology that is old but still invaluable, especially for sending and receiving signals well into the millimeter-wave frequency range.

Mobile 5G Device Antenna Tuning Demystified

While each addition of an aperture tuner helps optimize the overall antenna performance for each band, it sometimes comes at the cost of antenna efficiency. Without the proper balance of antenna efficiency and performance of each band on an antenna, the overall device performance and range will suffer.

Transient EM/Circuit Co-Simulation In XFdtd: A Closer Look At TVS Diodes For ESD Protection

This paper introduces XFdtd’s transient EM/circuit co-simulation capability, which combines the strength of 3-D full-wave electromagnetic simulation with the flexibility of circuit solvers.

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Introducing Pentek’s Family Of Quartz Products

Based on the Xilinx Zynq® Ultascale+ RFSoC, the Quartz family brings performance and high-density integration to a wide range of different application spaces with a uniquely flexible design path. Quartz is available in standard form factors like 3U VPX, or, with the QuartzXM™ Carrier Design Kit, it can be deployed on application-specific custom carriers. 

ADI's Massive MIMO RF Front-End Solution For Integrated Transceiver
Analog Devices demonstrates an RF to bits solution for Massive MIMO systems using the ADRF5545A receiver front-end IC and the ADRV9009 integrated transceiver in RF DSP Inc's SDR module. This scalable platform helps to speed time-to-market development.
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Airbus Helicopters Relies On Simulation To Develop Antennas Quickly And Efficiently

Hervé Dutruc, antenna and communication expert at Airbus Helicopters, discusses challenges the company faces in antenna design and installation. Airbus Helicopters relies on Altair Feko simulations to support use of composite materials and rising frequency in communication systems.

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SENCITY Occhio MIMO DAS (Distributed Antenna System)

HUBER+SUHNER's SENCITY Occhio MIMO DAS is designed for 5G coverage in a small form factor thanks to its multiband capability between 1.7 to 6 GHz with 2x2/4x4 MIMO configurations. Features include a smart connect system with a self-locking adaptor and a quick-locking mechanism.

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Surveillance/Jamming Antenna: SAS-326-10
The SAS-326-10 is a surveillance/jamming antenna designed to operate within the 30 MHz to 26 GHz frequency range, which allows for prosecution of a large portion of the RF spectrum. Constructed as a broadband dual-band discone/bicone antenna, it is ideal for spectrum operations and spectrum management applications.
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Antenna Research Associates
AR Solid State Field Generating System: AA18G26-50

The AA18G26-50 solid state field generating system is designed for applications requiring low-level, high frequency fields in the 18 to 26.5 GHz frequency range. This model, when used with an external signal generator, provides a minimum of 50 V/m field strength at a distance of 1 meter.

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1×256 Blocking RF Switch Matrix
Corry Micronics offers a 1×256 blocking RF switch matrix designed to provide automatic routing and RF microwave signal conditioning between test equipment and the unit under test (UUT) in an RF/microwave ATE system. 1×256 blocking RF switch matrices are ideal for applications that involve the testing and measurement of multiple RF components.
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Corry Micronics, Inc.
2.5 To 2.7 GHz Ultra-Flex Omni Antenna: Part# 1001-236
The Part# 1001-236 introduced by Southwest Antennas is an omni-directional antenna designed to operate throughout the 2.5 to 2.7 GHz frequency range with 2.0 dBi of peak gain and a rugged black G10 fiberglass radome with black chrome Type-N(m) non-rotating RF connector.
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Southwest Antennas