Newsletter | August 3, 2022

08.03.22 -- Antenna Design Criteria And Characterization Methods


The trend across millimeter-wave RF design is to use phased array beamforming antenna designs. This is impacting the role of the antenna in commercial 5G, mega-constellation satellite communications, and the radar industries. Various techniques are used to accomplish phased array beamforming design and test. Utilizing dedicated testing solutions for these will ensure high performance and success. 

Conducted And Over-The-Air Antenna Array Testing: The Way To 5G

5G networks need to be designed to offer more capacity and flexibility while lowering overall systems operation expenses. This paper discusses various test solutions that can address current and future requirements for antenna verification, including conducted and over-the-air test methods.

Characterizing Active Phased Array Antennas

Designing and implementing an active phased array antenna requires precise characterization of individual components and the integrated performance of the array. This application note explains test procedures and offers recommendations toward characterization of the relevant parameters for active phased array antennas and their passive subsystems, as often used in applications for mobile communication and RADAR.

Millimeter-Wave Beamforming: Antenna Array Design Choices And Characterization

This paper discusses fundamentals of beamforming technology, including signals, antennas, and current transceiver architectures. The paper includes calculation methods for radiation patterns and some simulations results, as well as real-world measurement results for small linear arrays.

How To Verify Beamformer ICs For Phased Array Antennas

Integrated RF beamforming ICs include phase and gain adjustment per path as well as amplification capabilities for the TX and RX channels. Such beamformer ICs support four or more antenna elements from one input signal. This article discusses the process of verification for these beamformer ICs for phased array antennas.

ATS1000: Passive Antenna Measurement And Near-Field-Far-Field Transformation

This application note describes how to measure the antenna pattern of a millimeter-wave device in the R&S®ATS1000 shielded chamber. The paper also covers the required calibration of the measurement setup and a possible near field to far field transformation when measuring larger devices.