Newsletter | September 14, 2022

09.14.22 -- Antenna Beamwidth Considerations: What You Need To Know



Understanding Antenna Gain, Beamwidth, And Directivity

Antenna gain is a performance indicator gauged in comparison to a reference source. This article explains antenna gain and dispels some of the misconceptions surrounding this valuable metric.

Antenna Beamwidth Coverage Calculations

This tool will calculate the maximum coverage that the antenna will cover from a specified distance and antenna's half-power beamwidth.

The Importance Of Antenna Beamwidth In RF Testing

Understanding antenna beamwidth and how it influences a test environment is critical to accurate and repeatable tests. This article defines antenna beamwidth, explores the antenna beamwidth properties, and explains it's importance for compliance testing.

Received Field Intensity and Power Density Calculation

This calculation tool helps to determine the received field strength (in V/M or dBµV/m) and converts that result into power density (µW/m2, mW/m2, W/m2, or µW/cm2).

A Simple Guide To Antenna Selection

Not all antennas are created equal and when it comes to frequency, different antenna styles perform better at some frequencies and not at others. This guide will discuss special considerations that are sometimes required in antenna design, typically at very high and very low frequencies.