News | July 30, 2014

Announcing The Next Generation Of The Phase Adjustable Connector

CCC 3993-2

Coaxial Components Corp. also known worldwide as Coaxicom has just announced its Next Generation of the Phase Adjustable Connector for RG402 the 3993-2.

There has never been a faster or easier way to phase match a set of cables. With this generation of high-performance 3993-2, Coaxicom has enhanced the solderability of this phase adjuster for superior electrical performance. Just trim the cable, plug it in and solder to the connector body.

The Coaxicom 3993 series of Phase Adjusters are designed to deliver a means of phase adjustment of over 180 degrees and a maximum VSWR of 1.30:1 at frequency ranges up to 18 GHz. The 3993-2 is a phase adjustable SMA plug (male) direct solder connector for RG402 (0.141 semi-rigid) or Coaxicom’s ultra-flex (402UF) and blue-flex (402BF) cables.

All Coaxicom Phase Adjusters are available from stock.

Coaxicom specializes in the manufacture of RF connectors, attenuators, terminations, adapters, torque wrenches, phase adjusters and cable assemblies. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Coaxial Components Corp.