350AH1: Magnetic Immunity Amplifier For Susceptibility Testing

Source: AR

AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation has unveiled a new magnetic immunity amplifier for susceptibility testing. Model 350AH1 (350 watts, 10 Hz – 1 MHz) automatically accepts voltages from 90 to 260 VAC in the 47 – 63 Hz frequency range.

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Datasheet: 350AH1: Magnetic Immunity Amplifier For Susceptibility Testing

This magnetic immunity amplifier has a very low output impedance, high gain, and moderate output power, making it ideal for test or other laboratory applicaitons. It's been designed primarily for susceptibility testing for magnetic and audio frequency tests in MIL-STD-461D/E, DO160D/E, and a variety of automotive test standards. It can also be used as an AC voltage source, for watt-meter calibration, and as a driver for higher-power amplifiers.


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