Air Cooled Transmitters: TMU9/TMV9

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Air Cooled Transmitters: TMU9/TMV9

Rohde & Schwarz’s TMU9 and TMV9 air cooled transmitters feature exceptional efficiency, unique variability, a small footprint, easy handling, and outstanding reliability.

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These air cooled transmitters are available in VHF or UHF configurations with 1-6 integrated amplifiers, offering variations in output power. All told, there are over 50 standard configurations available to meet a specific user’s needs. With up to 38% efficiency for UHF (COFDM)/42% (ATSC) and 46% efficiency for VHF (COFDM-TV and DAB), these transmitters achieve the highest energy savings currently available on the market.

In the UHF range, the R&S®TMU9 attains output powers from 300 W to 2.85 kW digital and up to 2.75 kW analog. For VHF, the R&S®TMV9 can attain up to 4.3 kW for digital audio broadcasting and digital television, and up to 6kW for analog television.

These models feature a small overall size by fitting multiple transmitters into a single rack. Compact components with integrated cooling and compact coupler units are also utilized to contribute to the small footprint. Fitting multiple transmitters onto one single rack offers another benefit – it reduces the total cost of ownership by more than half over the system’s lifetime.

Additional features include:

  • Voltage regulation and crest factor reduction
  • Adaptive digital equalization
  • Efficient amplifier layout
  • IP transport stream feed to reduce infrastructure costs
  • Simple switchover from analog to digital
  • Simple system configuration
  • Easy and efficient operation

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