AccuPhase® Low Loss Coaxial Assemblies

Source: Carlisle Interconnect Technologies

AccuPhase® Low Loss Coaxial Assemblies

The AccuPhase® assemblies from CarlisleIT are made up of low loss and phase stable flexible coaxial cables with frequency ranges up to 40 GHz. The cables in this family are specifically designed to meet the requirements for any application where it is critical to have high performance and stability at higher frequency ranges.

AccuPhase® products are available in 70%, 75%, 77% and 82% VP, are manufactured with FEP jackets, and are engineered to terminate with CarlisleIT’s high performance RF connectors to reach optimum performance levels. These low loss coaxial cables are ideal for many application requirements including those in military, aerospace, and test and measurement markets.

Additional AccuPhase® features include:

  • Phase stability with flexure
  • Phase Stability over temperature
  • Low VSWR

In order to learn more features and specifications on the AccuPhase® cable family, download the product brochure.